If you are concerned about your safety as a driver on the roads of Sycamore, IL, then it is vital that you do not skip regular tire pressure checks. These checks can be completed conveniently and efficiently at Volvo Cars Sycamore, where the service department's staff is quite dedicated.

The two types of incorrect tire pressures, overinflation, and underinflation affect a car differently. However, they each create unique driving risks that you should be aware of. One of the biggest concerns regarding the first type, overinflation, has a negative impact on how a car's mass becomes distributed on the tire tread, with too much weight occupying the center of the tires.

Underinflation creates softer tires and even more road friction than usual. This road friction heats up a driver's tires, which ultimately causes structural degradation in the tires and unwanted tread wear. Gas mileage and traction will suffer as a result.

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