The Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon that is hard to ignore on the streets of Sycamore because it was designed to stand out from the crowd. As pretty as the Volvo V90 is, it also comes with performance features worth exploring.

All-Wheel Drive

Rain and poor road conditions can throw vehicles out of whack. Sometimes, the lack of control could lead to accidents, and no one wants that. Thankfully, the V90 fights back and gives you control with its all-wheel drive feature that gives you better traction.


The light stops you, a train stops you, and traffic stops you while driving. This can leave you idling, and that ends up wasting fuel. Do not fret, the Volvo now has an engine with start/stop technology that shuts off the engine and turns it back on the moment you press on the gas.

These are just some features, but there are others we think will impress you. Let us make a believer out of you with a test drive. You will be able to see what this vehicle can do for you.



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