Create a Memorable Summer Trip with Car Games

We want you to enjoy taking your car on a road trip this summer. Making sure your car is serviced and ready to go is the easy part. Keeping the kids entertained on a multi-state trip is another story. Fortunately, car games can help you create a memorable summer trip.

Car games that don't require any items are the most convenient. I Spy is one example of a fun car game that only requires willing participants. For the next suggestions, you'll only need pencil and paper. No more worrying about having fully-charged electronic gadgets. Tic-tac-toe and the license plate game only require pencil and paper. Tic-tac-toe involves a bit of strategy, and the license plate game reinforces geography during the summer break.

At Volvo Cars of Sycamore, we encourage you to service your vehicle with us. Visit our convenient location to have your vehicle serviced before your next summer road trip.



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