One of Many Advantages in a new Volvo S90 - Premium Audio

Drivers throughout the DeKalb, IL area have come to expect a lot from the Volvo lineup. From the stately elegance of the vehicles, to the uncompromising safety systems, and the long list of luxury features, there is a great deal of attributes that you're sure to love. Recently, Volvo unveiled the new S90 sedan, which will add another incredible luxury sedan to the apex of the Volvo lineup. With features like the premium audio system from Bowers & Wilkins, every detail has been covered, and drivers can expect the ultimate experience.

The elegant design of the exterior of the Volvo S90 is sure to draw drivers in for a closer look. Once inside the vehicle, unparalleled satisfaction will surround everyone, shutting out the noise of the outside world, and enabling complete enjoyment of the sounds of your music, and the presence of your passengers. With 19 speakers throughout the interior, the Volvo S90 delivers an unmatched level of audio fidelity, ensuring that every note of your favorite song will be clearly heard and thoroughly enjoyed.

To learn more about the forthcoming Volvo S90, stay tuned for news and updates here, and come see us at Brian Bemis Volvo in Sycamore, IL. Once you arrive we'll get you all the info you need on the new S90 or any other new Volvo that attracts your interest. In no time we'll have you effortlessly transitioned into ownership of an incredibly luxurious new Volvo model and setting out on the adventures of your future.

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